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About This Decal

DK’s specialty vinyl films gold chrome are great for vehicles, signage, and any kind of project. Our specialty films are high quality, and long lasting. The look is not the only thing these specialty films provide. The specialty films also provide protection from fading and scratching. The films are easy to install making your project simpler with a fine look. Performance wise, nothing beats our specialty vinyl films.

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Designed By: DecalKits

Gold Chrome Specialty Vinyl Film

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For example: For my primary decals I want (1) 4" x 12" and (1) 6" x 24". I also would like those decals to say "Allensville, Texas" directly under it and centered. For my other decals I would like "Jim's Total Car Care" in 6" and in blue. Also, please fill any remaing space with red decals that say "".
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